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Catalyze Prosperity for All


Are you a small business looking for support? Join the weekly scheduled sessions with our team of experts.


Paadio is a catalyst for Economic Inclusion through creative Equity / Diversity / Inclusion / Belonging (EDIB) strategies with the vision of creating a strategic shift from dependency to prosperity for all.


Our mission is to bridge the economic gap through professional and business developments — empowered by building resources in marginalized communities.


Paadio develops Microbusiness and Workforce capability, capacity, and resilience through Community Reinvestment Initiatives.



As a social enterprise, we work first toward positive impact for our stakeholders, with a commitment to Inclusive Economic Development through Community Based Initiatives (CBIs). We believe in the power of entrepreneurship and the balance between working to strengthen community bonds while concurrently building wealth.


The practical and proprietary methods that we created effectively open and navigate economic pathways for BIPOC businesses to overcome systemic barriers and thrive in the long term. Since 2020, we have helped over 100+ microbusiness owners gain needed resources to overcome the lockdowns and economic damage by navigating the systems and accessing relevant economic opportunities, such as loans and grants.


Our small business training is tailored to the size and strength of the business and uses a hands-on interactive approach through experiential learning. We pair training with accountability coaching to ensure that the understanding in the moment is translated into actual business results. 


We provide precise and person-centered technical assistance that offers not only navigational support but also identifies relevant programs across multiple CDFIs, business associations, chambers of commerce, and other resource hubs while coordinating across business service providers such as real estate, insurance, legal, city planning, economic development, banking, lending, and the like. We are committed to achieving actual results, not just offering canned programs.



Empowerment is our prime value, driven by genuine empathy, equity, impact, and cultural appreciation.


Paadio provides a bridge between big organizations and government agencies (and) with the smallest entities in the regional ecosystem. Our unique position as a trusted insider (proven partner) in communities of color allows us to translate and interpret government programs or corporate initiatives in a way that goes beyond typical community engagement and diversity initiatives, to provide actual and long-lasting inclusion. Ultimately, we inspire a sense of (real) genuine belonging for every community member.


This is not a top-down or bottom-up approach. Instead, Paadio connects all parties from start to finish so that both the process and the outcomes address mutual societal interests at the community level.

We bridge gaps between micro & macro 
players in the economy & government.

Procurement- Ready Enterprise (PRE) Programs:

360° of Stakeholder Wins
Our purpose is to empower everyone in our community to thrive through systemic prosperity



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Our team of experts in financial management has developed unique methods to help BIPOC microbusinesses access capital that is pro-growth, friendly, and tailored to their needs.


We understand the trauma and devastation that loan sharks have caused to minority-owned businesses that have resulted in business closure, divorce, reputation damage, and increased poverty in our community. We are diligently working smart to close this ugly gap.

Programs: Procurement & Workforce Diversity (EDIB), Microbusiness Development Program, PRE Bootcamp



We believe that learning new things happens best in a conversational and experiential context, where you can explore and apply in real-time while gaining feedback from peers and instructors. Our training is paired with opportunities for hands-on technical assistance and follow-up coaching for accountability in how the training is applied. We see the development of microbusiness capacity, capabilities, resilience, and sustainability as a critical component of economic development in any region.



 We can gather multiple layers of data and work with institutional players to interpret data in meaningful ways while being inclusive of voices across diverse generations, ethnic groups, households, and languages. We are particularly interested in providing assessments that reflect the actual needs of community members so that systemic equity and prosperity can be realized, and racial justice is the norm. 



Paadio offers a tailored process for engaging layers of the community you want to reach, taking surveys, gathering relevant data, and reflecting meaningful knowledge. This program is a good fit for Cities, Counties, Economic Development Partnerships, Employers, Hiring Managers, and Procurement Teams.

Talk to us about how our Programs can empower the change you want to see in your Corporation, City, or Region. We have designed all of our program elements, and their related products, to produce breakthrough results.


Paadio Programs deliver "done-with-you transformation" - we don't just provide information.


  • Programs are repeatable and well-defined ways of working toward a set of outcomes. 

  • Projects run from point A to point B on behalf of a specific Client, utilizing one or more programs, and may include other Partners, public and/or private.


In partnership with Stellar Impact Foundation, Paadio has opened a Stellar Initiative to build a Community Reinvestment Fund to develop startups and strengthen early-stage or microbusinesses. Micro entities, innovators, and entrepreneurs are a critical backbone of any economy, contributing to local economic development and national GDP or other key metrics.


You can support the Community Reinvestment Fund to subsidize development programs for qualified individuals, microbusinesses, and small businesses that lead to wealth-building and shift people from subsistence to surplus.



Engineers at work

Paadio has worked with the city of Brooklyn Park on the Opportunity Site development to create a downtown center and signature destination that offers green space, is well maintained, and has appropriate amenities that will drive our future economic growth.

To serve the entire community that calls Brooklyn Center home, which is diverse, evolving, and entrepreneurial.

The Ujamaa principle, better known as "Cooperative Black Economics", serves as the foundation of Black Business Enterprises.


BBE is committed to empowering black businesses while partnering with them as they continue to make the necessary strives to become not only staples in the black community but an important part of the global economy.

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The Liberian Business Association in the Diaspora was founded in Brooklyn Park, MN, in 2016. The founders saw the need for Liberian-owned and minority businesses to network and share resources in order to protect their interests and leverage their potential. Since its inception, LIBA has been very successful in designing and implementing strategies to engage Liberian-owned minority businesses and initiating programs to garner support for minority business owners. The goal is to pull together and leverage resources for sustainable growth and development.

The leading issue-based community organization working to uplift and amplify the African Diaspora to build power for systemic change that advances racial and economic equity in our communities.

ACER believes African immigrants understand complex issues and know their communities best. They elevate the voices of community members and build bridges between residents and decision-makers so that knowledge and expertise are represented in the policies that shape their communities.

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Founded in 1973, OLM's mission is to provide social services to immigrants and refugees in the areas of education, housing, health, employment, and other social initiatives. 

As the single largest representative and voice of all Liberians in the State of Minnesota, OLM plays the role of an advocate and catalyst by bringing emerging issues that affect Liberians into focus for prompt resolution, educating individuals and institutions about prevailing subjects on culture, language, and traditions.




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