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Paadio is a catalyst for Economic Inclusion through creative Equity / Diversity / Inclusion / Belonging (EDIB) strategies with the vision of creating a strategic shift from dependency to prosperity for all.


Our mission is to bridge the economic gap through professional and business developments — empowered by building resources in marginalized communities.


Paadio develops Microbusiness and Workforce capability, capacity, and resilience through Community Reinvestment Initiatives.



As a social enterprise, we work first toward positive impact for our stakeholders, with a commitment to Inclusive Economic Development through Community Based Initiatives (CBIs). We believe in the power of entrepreneurship and the balance between working to strengthen community bonds while concurrently building wealth.


The practical and proprietary methods that we created effectively open and navigate economic pathways for BIPOC businesses to overcome systemic barriers and thrive in the long term. Since 2020, we have helped over 100+ microbusiness owners gain needed resources to overcome the lockdowns and economic damage by navigating the systems and accessing relevant economic opportunities, such as loans and grants.


Our small business training is tailored to the size and strength of the business and uses a hands-on interactive approach through experiential learning. We pair training with accountability coaching to ensure that the understanding in the moment is translated into actual business results. 


We provide precise and person-centered technical assistance that offers not only navigational support but also identifies relevant programs across multiple CDFIs, business associations, chambers of commerce, and other resource hubs while coordinating across business service providers such as real estate, insurance, legal, city planning, economic development, banking, lending, and the like. We are committed to achieving actual results, not just offering canned programs.



Empowerment is our prime value, driven by genuine empathy, equity, impact, and cultural appreciation.


Paadio provides a bridge between big organizations and government agencies (and) with the smallest entities in the regional ecosystem. Our unique position as a trusted insider (proven partner) in communities of color allows us to translate and interpret government programs or corporate initiatives in a way that goes beyond typical community engagement and diversity initiatives, to provide actual and long-lasting inclusion. Ultimately, we inspire a sense of (real) genuine belonging for every community member.


This is not a top-down or bottom-up approach. Instead, Paadio connects all parties from start to finish so that both the process and the outcomes address mutual societal interests at the community level.

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