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Talk to us about how our Programs can empower the change you want to see in your Corporation, City, or Region. We have designed all of our program elements, and their related products, to produce breakthrough results.


Paadio Programs deliver "done-with-you transformation" - we don't just provide information.


  • Programs are repeatable and well-defined ways of working toward a set of outcomes. 

  • Projects run from point A to point B on behalf of a specific Client, utilizing one or more programs, and may include other Partners, public and/or private.


In partnership with Stellar Impact Foundation, Paadio has opened a Stellar Initiative to build a Community Reinvestment Fund to develop startups and strengthen early-stage or microbusinesses. Micro entities, innovators, and entrepreneurs are a critical backbone of any economy, contributing to local economic development and national GDP or other key metrics.


You can support the Community Reinvestment Fund to subsidize development programs for qualified individuals, microbusinesses, and small businesses that lead to wealth-building and shift people from subsistence to surplus.



Engineers at work

Paadio has worked with the city of Brooklyn Park on the Opportunity Site development to create a downtown center and signature destination that offers green space, is well maintained, and has appropriate amenities that will drive our future economic growth.

To serve the entire community that calls Brooklyn Center home, which is diverse, evolving, and entrepreneurial.

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