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PROGRAM: Procurement & Workforce Diversity (in development as of 2021.01.04)

We are developing a robust Procurement & Workforce Diversity Program that can scale nationally. This program will provide development services to Micro Businesses for capacity building, increasing capabilities, growing or scaling the business, and increasing resilience with sustainability.

The Procurement & Workforce Diversity Program is a highly practical way to bridge the gap between the large institutional players, the more mature small businesses, and the tiny micro players such as firms under 10 employees or under 250K in annual revenues as well as all the way down to the individual members of the labor workforce including independent contractors and freelancers. Participants in this program will be matched within supply chains that provide equitable opportunities for underserved micro businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors, and employees.

It is our intention to expand upon the existing Equal Opportunity Employment practices and find ways to improve how larger companies select vendors, suppliers, contractors, and employees - until diversity & equity are achieved as a natural way of doing business.

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