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PROJECT: Procurement Diversity Program Development & Pilot in Brooklyn Park

To find out more about our project to develop a Pilot Procurement Diversity in the City of Brooklyn Park, please contact

We have identified the City of Brooklyn Park as ground zero to develop and test our first pilot for the Procurement side of our Procurement & Workforce Diversity Program. We will engage local participants including five Institutions (defined for our purposes as big companies, higher education institutions, municipal or county government, and the like) across at least three sectors, and ten Micro Business Owners who are seeking to achieve local contracts and/or preferred vendor status within one or more of those sectors.

This project will be the first of its kind, to go beyond traditional "minority business" supplier certification programs and open up equitable and achievable opportunities for Preferred Vendor, Authorized Supplier, or similar status, and other Supply Chain participation.

Read more in our Program description.

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